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Pin Up 2 Blogger Theme
Theme Description - Pin Up 2 is a free adults blogger template, it comes with two columns with a right sidebar gray and white with a nice header. It can be best used for posting blogs about adults blogs....

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Pin Up 2 Blogger Theme Reviewed by Gurpreet Singh on 8/08/2011 Rating: 5 stars.
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Gurpreet Singh My name is Gurpreet Singh and I blog about Technology tricks and tips on Tech-hacks. I live in New York.

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  1. Hi how come when i download the template. It's giving me a different code, it's like this:

    a{Ð5ý &/²E žPæž„ë0öº- ÒnY*ò›ž›.ú»~ò0 ¸šŽòyòñ×*K!t„dòÀ#í+D ^ ü—v¶¶· ë$ö` ~g§ É%çï`¡Q])lÅú\‚C
    ÜIbW¹,U–f•U ðàñÙ³'äë]ÚC”ÿ…¤E`
    7óâñÿ PK

    how can i change the fonts?

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