Madkassar Blogger Template

Madkassar Blogger Template

Theme Description - Madkassar is a free personal portfolio blogger template where you can display your photography in a unique way. This is a simple blogger theme and it come with four columns with no sidebar in White mostly and Gray background. It also has a four column footer available with black text and white background which is displayed very neatly. The header is also displayed neatly with only logo and a navigation bar. In post area, social bookmarking is available below the post area and the comment box is customized for this blogger theme, picture is displayed with comments and reply button is also available. The unique thing about this template is that when you hover very the post picture, the title will display with a brief description. I also liked the page navigation in this template. This blog can be best used for posting your personal photography...

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Reviewed by Gurpreet Singh. Rated: 5 Stars.

Madkassar Blogger Theme Reviewed by Gurpreet Singh on 2/18/2012 Rating: 5 stars.
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