Neutral Blogger Template

Neutral Blogger Template

Theme Description - Neutral is a free clean blogger template. This is a simple blogger theme and it come with three columns with a right sidebar in White mostly and Gray background. The header is also displayed neatly with social button and a search box with logo to the left. In post area, the comment box is customized for this blogger theme, picture is displayed with comments to the left and reply button is also available. This template has a "back to top" option at the end of the page. I like the post area the most in this template and way to write comments. This blog can be best used for posting articles or personal dairy/journal...

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Reviewed by Gurpreet Singh. Rated: 4.5 Stars.

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Gurpreet Singh My name is Gurpreet Singh and I blog about Technology tricks and tips on Tech-hacks. I live in New York.


  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great theme, very minimal, clean, and stylish.

  2. Milky Way says:

    i think this theme is the greatest one i've ever seen :) very good. thank you :)

  3. aryan says:

    Nice Template..

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